Where To Dine In Washington

Here is your amazingly good dining guide in Washington DC. It may be unofficial but this is a highly opinionated guide full of useful information about drinking and eating in the beautiful city of DC. The food scene in this city is not of this world. If we are talking about the international diversity, this is where you will find it to its full potential. Stunning neighborhood restaurants, a wide variety of international offerings, this is the most vibrant place where you can find the most delicious food in the country.


As far as the stereotype goes, DC is largely known for its steakhouses and power breakfasts. It is also a town where Top Chef graduates reside and share their otherworldy delicious recipes on TV each and every day. The most interesting thing about DC is the diversity when it comes to all types of cuisine that can be found all over the place. The cuisine is the name and international is the game. Italian food, Mexican, Southeast Asian, Thailand, French, you name it they have it.

For those who are interested in what the local specialty is, they should go with the Asian food.

The best destinations and locations would be Maketto and Little Serow. If you are looking for more of a diner, there are also a couple of famous places that would be a good suggestion. Places like the Bourbon Steak Lounge are exactly what the name says, a place where you can eat the best steak in the country without any doubts about it what so ever.


If you are looking for a good place for a burger, there is one on each and every corner and you can easily sample some high end Indian food and delicious snacks over at Rasika. Their palak chat is not of this world you can rest assured about that. So, from specific dishes to hot restaurants, your appetite will be more than satiated. Boozy milkshakes, Peruvian chicken, spicey jungle many, injera and tibs, you will