The Best Food Tips If You Are Visiting Japan

Would you travel across half of the globe just to eat something really tasty? If the answer is yes, you are in the right place. Coming from someone who is a full-time traveler and food lover, you can rest assured that you will be able to find the most interesting and useful food tips on this blog as it is completely dedicated to the four most beautiful things in the world: traveling, food, drinks, and events or having fun. So, if you really love to grab a bite, you will be able to find a lot of interesting stuff about food coming from the mouth of an expert.

Visiting Japan Second

There are a lot of great places in the world but, nothing comes close to Japan. The land of the rising sun is fascinating to say at least. Now, just like any other country, Japan has its own street food. Unlike USA or Europe, their street food isn’t labeled as junk food and it is actually very healthy and most importantly, amazingly tasty. If you are paying a visit to Tokyo, make sure that you visit Tsukiji Market.

This place is simply magical and they are making all sorts of dishes and tasty snacks.

It is also known as the Japanese food street and you can take a tour around it. There are plenty of little places, where you can drink a nice and delicious tea while you are waiting for the food. The Japanese are very traditional and their love for tea is completely stunning.

Enjoy the traditional tea drinking

Each sip is almost like a ritual to them and it is very soothing to watch them as they enjoy it. First and foremost, if you are in Tokyo, you must try their legendary organ stew. Japan is known to be a seafood paradise and it is amazing what you can find here. But do not get this wrong, there is plenty of diverse food menus in Japan, not everything revolves only around seafood. It is just that it is the most popular kind of food and most of their national dishes are made of rice and seafood and fish.

Visiting Japan Third

There is a saying that the Japanese tend to live longer because their diet is mostly based on seafood. What is really legendary here is a miso based stew with organs. There are countless versions of it and it is basically a mix of organs, a lot of jiggly bits and it all boils slowly in their traditional cooking pans. It is amazingly delicious even though it does not look like it. Do not let the looks fool you, this is a specialty here.

This is a perfect moment to try something that you have never sampled before and fresh sea urchin just might be the right choice. This is among the best bites you can grab in Japan. You know you owe it to