Tips On How To Make Cocktails

Making cocktails can be so much fun and they are actually a perfect occasion to gather all your friends and make a party to remember. Now, knowing your drinks is also a way how you can capture the attention of all in the room or the one that you like. It is always good to know how to mix some really good cocktails and just dance into the night. If you want to learn this skill, no problem, this blog will be helpful because you can find a lot of good tips on how to do that.

Making cocktails is almost an art in its purest form and it is time to demystify the most amazing techniques for making cocktails. The most important thing to know for starters is what goes well with what. There a lot of good easy to follow techniques and here are a couple of tricks of the trade. Before you get started making your own drinks, you need to master some basic tricks and tips in order to become a full-time home mixologist.

Know your drinks

The first thing that you need to know is that tequila is your friend. It varies from brand to brand and you have dozens of tequila brands today. There are some tequilas which are very impressive and it all depends on how deep is your pocket. If you can stick to the middle price ones, that would be just fine. Silver tequilas, also known as plata or blanco, are the most known ones and they are the most usual ones.


Every bar serves them and you can get them everywhere. A 100% crystal clear tequilas are the best for your standard cocktails. If you really want to step your game, you can use the reposado tequila. Now, these are tequilas that are in their own league and resposado means that they aged for some period of time.

This means that they spend around three or four months in the barrels and that tends to give them golden color and a slight oak flavor. If you are aiming for making simple cocktails, not more than three drinks, silver tequila would be the best drink. Then again, if you want some more complex drinks with a better