Bars And Lounges In Georgetown

When it comes to bars and entertainment venues in Georgetown, there are so many good choices. This is a perfect place for a very vivid nightlife and there is a huge variety of bars and lounges here. In case that you are not aware of this, here is a good fact for you. Georgetown is one of the best destinations in Washington DC for nightlife and dining.


The problem is not if you can find a good place, the problem is which one will you pick because the choices are just too many. Since this can be a bit of a problem, here are a couple of good selections that will help you to make up your mind. Romantic wine bars, single hotspots. lively collegiate gathering places, various lounge bars, you can find almost everything that you want here.

george town houseFor example, if you like a traditional club, the warmest recommendation would be Blues Alley. Of course, if you like blues music it is even better because all internationally renowned artists played here. It supports jazz music as well. Clyde’s restaurant is a known place where businessmen like to come and have their casual drinks and food. Piano Bar is yet another amazing place where you can relax enjoying the live entertainment that is offered each night.

Guests love this place because they get the opportunity to requests songs and they are actually encouraged to sing along. Each of these places is different and has its own characteristics. If you feel in the mood for some music shows, Gypsy Sallys would be a perfect place for you. They have a music venue that features national, regional and local performers during the whole week.

It is completely safe to say that everyone can find a little something to suit their tastes in Georgetown and you can all rest assured that you will not run out of good bars and lounges here, guaranteed. there are so many good places here that are not so far away from the downtown that it is really hard to count them all.


There is something for everyone’s taste and that is exactly why Georgetown is a very popular town when it comes to nightlife. Head there and see it yourself. The only thing left to do is figure out what you want