Restaurant labor law – the things you need to know

When you get in the restaurant business, then you need to cover your basis and get familiar with the law that might affect you. But, as we try to promote our business, attract new clients and make delicious food, somehow restaurant labor law slips to the back, and many people tend to neglect it, and the consequences can be disastrous. So, when we are talking about restaurant labor law, we know it’s boring, but it’s also something that will ensure the future of your business. So, here are some basics you need to know.

Restaurant wages

The federals law has clearly defined minimum wages, overtime pay, recordkeeping and child labor. The federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour. On the other hand, many states also have minimum wage laws, and if its higher than the federal one, then they are obligated to apply the higher wage. In some cases, tips might be considered as parts of the wages must add $2.13 to the minimum wage. Uniforms or another accessory the staff has to wear are not the part of the wages and cannot the included. Overtime is also regulated, and the restaurant has to pay 1 ½ the employees regular rate. Considering that 40 per week is standard working time, everything over that is considered overtime. People who are under 20 must be paid $4.25 and no less.

Equal treatment for all workers

Based on federal and state law, it is illegal to discriminate employees based on their religion, color, sex, race, age, disability and national origin. The owners of the restaurants are obligated to provide the equal pay for male and female if they perform the same work. The owners cannot harass or discriminate applicants, employees, or former employees based on the race, color, religion or sex. You can’t use the employees’ policy that has a negative effect on your workers and in some cases, you might be required to provide an accommodation. At your establishment, you need to have a poster that shows the federal employment discrimination law.

Wellbeing and safety

Working men and women need to have safe and healthful working conditions. The owners of the restaurants are required to provide training, education, and assistance. Every restaurant must display a poster which explains employees their protection and wright. The restaurants need to be free from any dangers that can cause death or physical disability to the employees and based on the labor law; workers need to have clear and quick access to a first aid kit. If you are an owner of a restaurant, then make sure to provide training to your employees to avoid any accidents and provide necessary equipment to all restaurant workers.

On the other hand, many restaurants are also facing ip litigation because they fail to apply the intellectual property law. When you are opening a business, you need to be sure that plagiarizing someone else idea. Otherwise, you might end up with huge problems.