About Me

Vincent Campbell!Hello and welcome to my blog that is completely dedicated to my traveling adventures, places I have seen, things I have done, events, food and drinks. I consider myself to be a gourmand and I really do enjoy a nice meal and a good glass of some fine beverage, alcohol or not, it does not matter. My love for food, drinks, and traveling is really great and I have been into this way of living my entire life. I share an opinion that people should travel as much as they can.

There are so many beautiful places, so many different cultures that are so diverse. Each country has its own cuisine, poetry, architecture, culture, the way they do things, tradition. I want to bring closer to my reading all of these and educate them about the wonders of the world. This world is truly an amazing place and we as a species have been blessed by nature and other beautiful things that we encounter every day. Unfortunately, many of us take the time we are given for granted. To those of you who think like me.

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